Fáilte roimh an turas!

My name is Erin Long, and I am the founder of Cairdeas Horsemanship. I have the radical belief that leadership is earned, not taken or demanded. We as humans will never be seen as another horse, but we can be our horse's safety, strength, and friend. If this sounds like what you're after, you're in the right place.

We're glad to have you!

Concord, NC 28027   |   513-582-7208   |   cairdeashorsemanship@gmail.com


I offer private lessons to help foster the relationship between humans and their equines.


I'm a Level II CD Clinician and am passionate about teaching and learning this discipline.


Sometimes your horse needs some extra guidance. I'm here to help them find their way.

"Erin truly is a devoted horse woman. Always striving to be better, to know more and to grow in her relationship with the horses in her life. I would recommend her anytime and, I'd trust her to train and be kind to my own horses, as well."

Amy R.

Erie, CO

Concord, NC 28027

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