About Me

I know how daunting it can be to find a trainer, and you have every right to be picky. A trainer can determine your horse's future, and you

deserve only the best.

"I strive to bring in what science tells us is best for teaching the horse and rider."

Cairdeas Horsemanship is not a method. There is no "formula", no set routines, and no rules beyond that you honor your partner in all that you do. All of my teaching is based on the most recent behavioral science, combined with modern biomechanics, to provide horse and rider with a solid foundation on which to build their partnership. The horse sets the pace, so he will never be rushed or subjected to gadgets in order to turn him into something he is not.

When teaching people, my top priority is positivity. It is impossible for a rider to be a confident leader if their mentor is constantly using negative language. Questions are encouraged at all times, and no question is too simple. Sometimes the simplest questions reveal the greatest truths or difficulties in our horsemanship journey.


Pricing and Availability

I am currently exclusively available for clinics

across the country. If you are interested in booking

a clinic, or learning more about the clinic

process, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Still Have Questions?

I know I can't possibly resolve all your concerns in just a web page, so please feel free to check out the FAQs, or send me an email.

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