Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been riding horses?

I have been riding for over 15 years, and training for approximately 5.

What should I expect from my first lesson?

Our first lesson together typically involved 20-30 minutes of evaluation. In most cases I ask that the horse be untacked when I arrive so I can watch the "get ready" process as well. During evaluation I will ask questions but often don't provide feedback as I like to see what you would do naturally. After that point, I will tell you a few of the things I saw, and get to work on fixing them!

Can I record my lessons?

Absolutely! Recordings are encouraged so that you can continue to learn during the week, and refresh your memory on things you may have missed the first time. Just please let me know if you plan on recording so I can ensure the camera or microphone can hear me a majority of the time.

Will you take a horse to your barn for training?

I do not currently have my own facility, and therefore, cannot put a traditional "30 to 60 days" on a horse. However, for those locations close to me, I can offer rides up to three times per week in order to maximize your horse's time with me.

What's with all the Irish Gaeilge?

The Irish language is a bit of a hobby of mine - something I picked up in college and have continued to dabble in. It is a dying language, spoken by fewer than 75,000. As a result, I try to incorporate it into what I do to provide more exposure to this beautiful language. In addition, the Irish have a deep and storied history with horses, and their respect for these beautiful animals is something I want to reflect in my own horsemanship. Here are some Irish words and phrases you will find around my site: Cairdeas ("care-dess") - Friendship Fáilte roimh an turas ("fall-chuh ruv an tou-rahs") - Welcome to the journey

Do you teach children?

I do not currently accept children under the age of 16.

Do you teach beginners?

While I do occassionally accept beginners, in general I work with intermediate to advanced riders.

Do you have lesson horses?

As most of my work focuses on individual partnerships, I do not currently have any lesson horses.

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