• Erin Long

Fix It Friday

While this is a touch late in the fence, he doesn't appear to be using himself to the best of his ability, and is a bit "lackadaisical". I would work on finding a slightly shorter spot, and gymnastic work to really get him active and round across those fences. 

As for your position, my major concern is your leg. You've lost your base of support here, so your leg has come back and your bum has dropped nearly into the seat of your saddle. Really try to think about pressing deep into your heels and wrapping your inner ankle down and around your horse in the air. I do like your upper body position, however, and that you're looking where you're going. Your release is quite good here, and appropriate for your level as it will provide stability while you develop your leg strength. That said, a touch more release in the future may help him to round his back more and reach down with his nose.

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