• Erin Long

Fix It Friday

This Fix It Friday comes from Beth who is showing in Ranch Pleasure with her horse Diesel.

Your attire and tack are appropriate for the discipline, and your horse is very well turned out. The light contact you have on the reins is lovely, and your horse has rewarded you by softening over the poll and extending his neck. His back is elevated and he is swinging freely up and beneath himself with his hind end. 

While I know ranch pleasure is primarily judged on the horse, there are a few small things about your position I would change. First, I am uncertain if you are coming to a stop here, but your feet are rather far out in front of you. As that seems the most logical choice, I would like to see you sit deeper into the pockets of your jeans and bring your shoulder blades together, rather than appearing to collapse forward and down. 

If you are not preparing to stop, you still should bring your shoulder blades together, but should also open your hip and move your foot beneath you for a more effective leg aid. ​ Also, I would check your saddle fit, as it appears to be lifting at the rear, and that indicates poor fit.

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