• Erin Long

Fix It Friday

This week's Fix It Friday is provided by @showjumped! The first thing that stands out to me is your stirrup length. I think your stirrups could stand to be at least a hole longer. Your leg angles look generally good, but your hips are still quite far out of the saddle. Lengthening your stirrups will just shift your lower body down slightly and place your bum closer to the seat. As a result of the height out of the saddle, you're hunching your back slightly to try and meet your horse's neck at a reasonable height. When the hips sit closer to your saddle, you can flatten your back and keep your spine more aligned. I like that you're looking up where you want to go, and you have a medium crest release.

Your horse is slightly lazy with his front end, and ramped oxers only encourage that. He's overjumping to compensate for this, which can cost you time and safety in the arena. Work on bounces with verticals of increasing height to encourage him to build the muscles and timing to snap his knees up. I'm not a huge fan of the figure eight noseband, especially as you're able to ride him in a halter in some of your other pictures. Might be worth reevaluating your bit choice to get him more comfortable and out of that. ​Overall this is a nice image that a few small adjustments could make a big difference to. Keep up the good work! Do any of you struggle with the same issues? What have you done to fix them? Comment below!

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