• Erin Long

How To Choose A Feed

There are tons of commercially available horse feeds on the market today. So how on earth do you go about selecting the right feed for your horse?

STEP 1) Evaluate his needs. All three of those horses will have different dietary requirements based on age, activity, and dietary restrictions.

STEP 2) Go back to basics. Horses need high fiber, and low NSC (put very simply: sugar). I always feed <20% NSC, and shoot for <15% where possible.

STEP 3) Narrow it down. The above generally lead you to four general "categories" of horses. While this obviously won't cover every horse, it can be a great starting point for most horses. A) The Simple Sally. Simple Sally has a calm life going for a few rides a week. She has no dietary restrictions, and is a good eater. For Sally, I highly recommend simply grass hay and Triple Crown's 30% Balancer. This keeps her diet squeaky clean and easily digestible. B) The Competitive Carl. Carl is competing several weekends a month, and has the training schedule to match, but has no dietary restrictions. For Carl, I recommend TC Complete or Senior. Both will provide high calorie density from their beet pulp base. Senior has a higher protein content, while Complete has a higher fat content. C) The Picky Pete. Pete has...some issues. He might be sensitive to soy, or a founder risk. For these horses, I recommend TC Lite or Naturals. Lite is 9.3% NSC, helping to reduce founder risk, and Naturals is soy, corn, and GMO free to help those sensitive stomachs. D) The Skinny Sam. Sam has trouble keeping weight on, especially in the winter, and sometimes has trouble chewing her food. The best option for Sam is TC Senior. This easily digestible feed is formulated specifically to support hard keepers, and can be soaked to provide additional ease of chewing.

STEP 4) Talk to someone! Still confused? Feed companies have reps you can speak to that will provide further information. Please let me know if you're still having trouble so I can put you in contact with a Triple Crown Rep!

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