• Erin Long

The Trainer Complex

Nothing scares me more than a trainer who refuses to take lessons, attend clinics, or have anyone question what they’re doing. Just because you’re teaching other people does not mean you’ve learned all there is to know. I understand not wanting to spin your wheels learning something you don’t really care about, but simply refusing to take lessons is the epitome of willing ignorance. 

The same extends to those trainers who take it as a personal insult every time someone questions what they do. While at first glance this seems unrelated, they stem from the same place - an inability to be self-critical. The greatest talent any trainer can have is that of being constructively self-critical. It allows you to learn and grow in your training and riding, to explore new avenues, and to have open and engaging discussions with your students without it being personal. 

All the ribbons in the world doesn’t mean your trainer doesn’t need to learn from someone. Even the Olympic team has a coach. If your trainer tells you they “don’t need teaching”, run as far as you can in the other direction. That person will not be able to answer any real questions you have about what they do and why - only teach you to go through the motions.  Have you ever met a trainer like this? I know I have! I think it’s a trap a lot of trainers fall into if they aren’t careful.

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