• Erin Long

Why I Practice English (Sometimes)

As many of you know, I am a Cowboy Dressage Clinician. However, you often see pictures of me riding in my Dressage saddle. How does that make any sense?? The reason I practice sometimes in my Dressage saddle is threefold:

1) I take lessons from a Dressage trainer (yes I take lessons - if your trainer doesn’t, run away).

2) It’s closer contact than my current western saddle. This allows me to more efficiently help Sid when asking for bend and balance, because we can more clearly feel each other’s engagements of muscle and body position. As my current western saddle is technically a trail saddle, it was not designed with technical riding in mind, and therefore makes it difficult to achieve these things. I’m on a hunt for a new one though!

3) It’s lighter. This is another place the bulk of my current saddle works against me. The weight of it is over double the weight of my Dressage saddle, which especially in the heat is hard on him.

Do you practice in a different saddle sometimes? I of course still practice in the western - this is just handy for REALLY hot days or in places he needs a bit more guidance.

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